Advanced Beginner

Advanced Beginner - course work ranges 20 weeks and introduces students to problem solving strategies using Arithmetic,  Decimals, Fractions, Perimeters, Shapes and Areas. This course covers over several problems ranging from introductory level exercises to very challenging word problems, to reinforce the lessons learned.

Lesson 1.   Introduction, Place values, and Rounding

Lesson 2.   Word Problems: Additions

Lesson 3.   Word Problems: Subtractions

Lesson 4.   Word Problems: Multiplications

Lesson 5.   Factors and Divisions 

Lesson 6.   Negative numbers and order of operations

Lesson 7.   Money : Additions, Subtraction, Multiplication and division

Lesson 8.   Decimals: Additions, Subtraction, Multiplication and division

Lesson 9.   Percentages and relation between % and decimals

Lesson 10.  Mid-semester test

Lesson 11.  Time and Distance

Lesson 12.  Measurement: Units, Customary Units and The Metric System

Lesson 13.  Fractions: Unit Fractions, Whole-Number Fractions, Equal Fractions

Lesson 14.  Fractions: Mixed Numbers,  Parts of a whole, Equivalent Fractions

Lesson 15.  Estimation: Rounding, Close Enough, Over and Underestimating

Lesson 16.  Variables: The number n, variables, 

Lesson 17.  Writing Equations and Solving Equations.

Lesson 18.  Shapes and Figures

Lesson 19.  Area & Perimeter

Lesson 20.  End of semester test

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