Math Explorers I - Semester I

Math Explorers I - first semester ranges 16 weeks which covers the problem solving strategies, Metric System, Decimals, Fraction, Perimeters, Areas and Volumes. This course covers over several problems ranging from introductory level exercises to very challenging word problems, to reinforce the lessons learned.

Class Outline
Lesson 1: Problem Solving - Charts and Diagrams
Lesson 2: Problem Solving - Think 1, Venn Diagrams
Lesson 3: Problem Solving – Patterns, Sequences and Function Machines
Lesson 4: Problem Solving –Algebra
Lesson 5: Metric System – Lengths and Temperatures
Lesson 6: Metric System –Volume and Weights
Lesson 6: Decimals – Additions and Subtractions
Lesson 7: Decimals – Multiplication and Division
Lesson 8: Exam
Lesson9: Fractions – Additions and Subtractions
Lesson 10: Fractions – Improper, Mixed Numbers, Reducing Fractions
Lesson 11: Fractions – Multiplication, Cross Reducing and Dividing Fractions
Lesson12: Perimeters and Circumference
Lesson13: Areas - Triangles
Lesson 14: Areas – Squares, Rectangles and Word Problems
Lesson 15: Volumes
Lesson 16:Exam


Math Explorers I - Semester II

Math Explorers I - second semester ranges 16 weeks which covers the fundamentals of Percentages, Ratios, Proportions, Basics of Counting, Probability, Data Statistics along with a taste of Rate problems and Base Number Conversions. During the course there will be two exams to reinforce the concepts learned.

Class Outline
Lesson 1: Percentages -Changing a Percentage to a Decimal and Decimal to Percent
Lesson 2: Percentages – Changing Percentage to Fractions
Lesson 3: Percentages–Applications
Lesson 4: Ratios – Ratio and Scale
Lesson 5: Proportions
Lesson 6: Counting – Lists of Numbers, Addition and Subtraction (AOPS)
Lesson 7: Counting Multiple Events - Permutations
Lesson 8: Exam
Lesson 9: Probability - Basics
Lesson 10: Probability – Addition and Multiplication
Lesson 11: Probability – Complementary and Expected Value
Lesson 12: Statistics – Data, Mean, Median and Mode
Lesson 13: Statistics – Relative Frequency, Predicting by Samples
Lesson 14: Distance, Speed and Time
Lesson 15: Bases – Changing bases from 10 to different bases like 2, 5 and 8
Lesson 16: Exam


"My daughter did your homework last night and she was working very well, I am seeing lot of progress in her using your techniques. Thank you so much."

 - Sarita


"I see improvement and confidence in math in my daughter.  Thanks to you, Jawahar!"

- Mala

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