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Miracle Minds Academy has introduced Concepts based Math program in Hoover. Our program focuses on strong foundation of Math concepts, Problem solving skills and preparing students for Math competitions. We will keep the Teacher student ratio low so that we can focus on each and every student. The Advanced Math program is ideal for Upper Elementary, Intermediate and Middle school students.

We are proud to announce that our students won several individual and team trophies in the Perennial Math tournaments, Muscle Shoals, Cedar Ridge, and Vestavia Hills in 2015 & 2106. 


Miracle Minds Academy is excited to announce the start of our Advanced Beginner for 3rd and 4th grade students and the ACT/SAT programs. Classes have started in spring of 2017 and new sessions are scheduled to start in Summer and Fall. These programs are designed to challenge the students in a fun filled environment. Please call us @ (205) 530 0188 or email us at mailto:contact@miraclemindsacademy.com to register or for more details.

Fall 2017 Schedule

We will covers different topics that range from fundamentals through advanced techniques. Topics are selected from math competitions like AMC8, Math counts and ACT/SAT college entrance tests. This program offers a thorough explanation of these topics and enhance the knowledge of the students.

There will be 16 classes in fall.
* Each class duration is 1 1/2 hours once a week
* Last class of the session will be a test.

* Fall session start on the Aug 17th.

Students will be grouped as Explorers (I & II), Pre-Algebra and Algebra. New students will be evaluated and enrolled in one of these groups.

Please contact us immediately, to enroll your child in this advanced program.  We offer referral fee to our current students. Please call us @ (205) 530 0188 or email us at mailto:contact@miraclemindsacademy.com to register.

We are organizing several FREE workshop sessions for parents and students (details included below).  The workshop includes an informational session for the parents and an assessment session for the students. 

Please attend at least one of these sessions to find out about all the details that Miracle Minds program has to offer. 


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Address:  1837 Montgomery Hwy, Suite #111, Hoover, AL 35244.
Phone number: 205-530-0188